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2D Animation Series

We choose to delve into the dark abyss of madness and revelry in 2D animation, where artistic essence and magic intertwine like dancing shadows. Its twisted strokes and colors awaken a visually unique and eternally unsettling style, capable of whispering emotions with a macabre expressiveness. This technique, in perfect harmony with our passion for weaving shadowy narratives and spawning captivating worlds, becomes the sinister canvas where we breathe life into our most twisted fantasies.

Piragna Academy

The Piragna Academy represents an initiative dedicated to enriching and enhancing artistic skills. One of the fundamental pillars we uphold is the promotion of personal growth and a love for education. As a collective, our mission is to support and strengthen talent in areas such as illustration, composition, animation, and cinematography. To access these training sessions, it is crucial to be an active member of Piragna. Additionally, we advocate for micro-entrepreneurship, providing opportunities for artists to market their graphic creations and bring their personal projects to life. In this direction, we are opening a specialized space to stimulate audiovisual creation, supported by directors, producers, and advisors from various disciplines. This allows our Piragna members not only to obtain rewarding jobs but also to forge their own content and bring it to its full development.

Piragna Team

Behold our great team!

Once upon a time, there was a group of artists passionate about 2D animation who dreamed of creating their own studio.

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Join us and be part of a family passionate about animation. Here, you'll find a creative, collaborative environment filled with opportunities to grow and develop your skills. You'll work alongside talented professionals on exciting projects that will unleash your imagination. Come and be part of our amazing team at Piragna Animation! Send your portfolio to

These are our services.

Piragna Animation offers a wide range of high-quality 2D animation services. From conceptualization and character design to animation and post-production, we handle every stage of the creative process. Our expert team creates captivating and visually stunning animations for films, television series, commercials, and promotional videos.

Pre-production and production of animated series

Character and environment creation

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Story board and animatic

Artistic concept design