And here we are

Once upon a time, there was a group of 2D animation enthusiasts who dreamed of creating their own studio. United by their love for art and storytelling, they decided to join forces and breathe life into what would become Piragna Animation. Inspired by the beauty and magic of classic films, they set out to revive the charm of traditional animation in a world flooded with realities."


Valet Siv Manrique

Hi, umm, I'm Valet, and I handle the production of many things. Did you know that production was born in the 1920s of the 20th century? Although I also draw, do animation, play the guitar, cook pasta, eggs with rice, and many things you wouldn't expect. I can sew socks with a light bulb, and they turn out really well, but the last time I did it was when I was 11, and my grandmother taught me. In short


Adaan Li Guampé

Hi there, Earthlings. They call me Li, also known as 'Dulce de Rata' (Rat Candy). I enjoy doing many things, from making dolls, witch's drawers, macabre paintings, video games, animated TV series, dishes of spaghetti with different flavors, thinking about great movies, and maybe winning an Olympic medal (I don't think it will happen) and resurrecting abandoned projects. And whenever you like, you can visit me at Piragna, where they've made me the director. Hugs that squeeze your heart and take out your soul."


Carlos Andrés Correa (Charlie)

"Noisesssss!!! Yeah, I love sounds, doing voices, making music, doing Foley, anything related to sound, that's where I come in. I also like spicy snacks and anime."


Sofía Andrade Astudillo (Sofi)

Hi there! I'm Sofia, a passionate animator and illustrator. Currently, I'm the Director of Animation at Piragna, where I've been focusing on honing my directing skills and improving what I've already learned about animation. I have the super dream of directing my own animated projects, always prioritizing the female role in them, and reaching many people with magical and touching stories.


Fernando Sierra Ordoñez

Hello, I'm Fercho, the Oracle of Piragna. If you can't find something, ask me, and in my Bible, I'll know how to find it. I'm currently the Digital Animation Pipeline at Piragna, highly motivated and experienced in project management, programming, and technical issue resolution. I'm committed to the quality of work and on-time delivery.


Juan Esteban García Posada (Juanes)

Hi, I'm Juanes. Bringing to life what I draw is what keeps me alive too. I'm passionate about stories, action, science fiction, etc. (except comedy). Currently, I'm a Graphic Designer and Animato


Nicolas Chacon Ramos

Hey, I'm Nicolas. I get distracted a lot, talk very little, and I'm an animator. If you see me, run! XD


Laura Carolina Duarte Sarmiento

Hello, hello! I'm Laura, but you can also call me Lari. I'm an animator, and I love to draw. I play Dungeons and Dragons, read fantasy books, and adore cats.


Dana Nastassja Barreto Moncada (Natasha)

Hello beautiful people! I'm Donut Art, a graphic designer and illustrator. I love art and nature, and I seek to capture it in my illustrations. Currently, I'm fully dedicated to illustration, working at the animation company Piragna, on my personal projects, as a freelancer, and as a streamer.


Natalia Paola Duque Lara (Yura)

¡Hola sumercé! I'm Yura Mate, the Spectacled Bear. Illustrator and graphic designer from Bogotá, in love with the iconography, folklore, flora, and fauna of Colombia and Latin America. My goal is to use illustration to highlight the magic and inspiration found in the countless stories of the Latin territory. Oh, and singing is my mantra ♪♫♥.


Luis Angel Melo Ochoa

What's up, I'm lucho8a, an illustrator from Bogotá. I'm passionate about creating fantastic characters. I aim to improve every day to breathe more life into my creatures and make them stay in the minds of more people.


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