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Cuentitos Mágicos

2D Animated Series that explores the theme of child development for children aged 2 to 6.

Format Animated Fiction Series
Duration86 cap x 5min
TechniqueMixed 2D Animation

De que se tarta:


Cuentitos Mágicos has 2 seasons.

If you enjoy imagining strange creatures, sharing with big imaginary monsters, discovering chatty teapots, waking up sleepy toads, or finding a tomato hiding from an extraterrestrial behind the door, if you get excited about imagining a fantastical world, then Cuentitos Mágicos is for you. Through animation, the structure of fables, and short sung stories, we aim to create a world filled with odd characters, angry toads, mud princes, upside-down princesses, or singing broccoli. All united to leave a piece of advice and reflection. Explore all the possibilities this world has for you. Live, feel every element around you, and embrace your imagination.


A magical book, every time it opens its pages, takes us into a world of educational entertainment where we sing, dance, and learn, fully enjoying the marvelous experience of childhood. The world of Cuentitos Mágicos is safe; it promotes values, develops skills, and works on inclusion. It's built with love, rhythm, and happiness.

Trailer Series

Cuentitos Mágicos Trailer

Extraordinary characters living in magical worlds, telling incredible stories... That's exactly what you'll see in this series that will playfully spark your imagination!

Several Songs Season 01

Promo Reel of Songs

Its main theme is child development, and the content will have a strong component of Latin American music and rhythms specific to Colombian regions. It doesn't neglect rhythms from other countries, making it an important reference for audiovisual development, fostering even more inclusion and promoting cultural and dialectal preservation. We will create songs with karaoke versions, considering karaoke as an effective and motivating learning tool for Reading.

The Transformative Power of Children's


Children's books are an endless source of knowledge, imagination, and emotions for kids. Their importance in a child's development is undeniable.