The World Unites in a Single Time

2D Animated Series

FormatAnimated Fiction Series
GenreAdventure - Comedy
Duration7 cap x 11 min
TechniqueMixed 2D Animation

What's It About:


Three deities decide to experience life as Earthlings before the planet's destruction.

"Deities" is a show featuring three deities capable of controlling time in the past, present, and future. They come to Earth to witness the end of its existence but end up arriving a few days earlier to enjoy the experience of being Earthlings. This is a story for adults that criticizes human behavior and self-destruction. It also presents a world on the brink of extinction and human indifference towards it.


What's Charming About It

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Season 1, The Legend of the Purest Drop. Frailejón has become an environmental icon in Colombia, and we are proud and happy to have it in our hearts. Many thanks.