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Chica Cartón:

A 2D Animated Series

Life is like a sandwich, sometimes we devour it, and other times we let it rot.

Format:Fictional Animated Series
Duration:9 Episodes x 24 minutes
TechniqueMixed 2D Animation

What's it about:


Hello, I'm Mi, and this is my story, I don't know...

Well, here goes the synopsis. I'm 17 years old, although the truth is my maturity level doesn't surpass that of a chicken. I live alone, hooray! Yes, mmmmm. Not long ago, I arrived in the city, and everything surprised me. Well, I don't know what to tell you... It's a story of my life, a crazy optimist in a world of pessimists, just trying to be me, in a modern time where identity is as variable as my partners. I face, every day, speeches about machismo, feminism, transfeminism, environmentalism, religion, and all those human things. And yes, I worry about everything, but it's in this story that I think I'm going to do something, I believe, maybe. posuere tincidunt blandit.


Mi is an optimist in a world of pessimists, anxious and depressed. She seeks to understand the modern era into which she was thrown. This is a series for girls, showing what a woman is capable of in a chaotic world.


 We are very grateful to all the people who have embraced Chica Cartón, and of course, to the team. A thousand thanks.

Hi, I'm Mi

MI. She is a girl from a small town who recently got to know the city. She's amazed by the crowds, social contrasts, and marvels at people, their ideas, and differences. She is a student of acting and visual arts, extremely absent-minded. Her art is always poorly received, and she has never received praise for her artistic work. She is very optimistic, idealistic, and a dreamer. She loves colors and talking to people. She doesn't understand the meaning of social classes. She's concerned about romantic relationships. She's currently discovering what she likes because she's very romantic. Socially, she's concerned about feminist, transfeminist, discriminatory, and environmental discourses.

Her dream is to be a great actress or a great visual artist, travel the world, and change it in her way. She's happy when she eats bread, receives compliments, achieves things on her own, and feels beautiful. She finds it very lazy to do chores and sleep early. She doesn't like cakes that are yellow, but she enjoys spicy foods.

Chapter 1 99.9% Perfect Love

Mi has a date after a long time. She decides to get ready for the occasion, but unfortunately, nothing she planned goes right, turning the date into a disaster. She reflects on loneliness, beauty, and first encounters.