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Our dreams

 Creating series that change human mindsets


We would like to

Creating worlds never seen before and living in them for a moment...


Let's go all in!

We want to create fantasies in the human mind and make them real...


Who the hell are we?


An animation studio of craziness and perhaps sane minds...

"Piragna Animation is a passionate and creative animation studio based in Colombia and Bogotá. We specialize in creating high-quality 2D animations that captivate audiences and tell compelling stories. Our team consists of talented artists, animators, and industry professionals who share a passion for the art of animation."


"Amidst shadows and creatures, Piragna is born. Our macabrely charming animation seeks to merge ancestral arts with the sinister allure of the cartoon. Through our disturbing productions, we are a secret entity thirsting for power, aiming to disturb the world with our twisted art. We delight in subverting reality, turning the everyday into a coven of chaos and madness. We believe in the perverse magic of animation, where our twisted worlds take shape and defy all logic. We revel in planting worms in the minds of our viewers."