Series Trailer

Frailejón Ernesto Pérez

Season 2, The Stalking of Sinister Shadows. Frailejón has become an environmental icon in Colombia, and we are proud and happy to have it in our hearts. Thank you so much.

Frailejón Ernesto Pérez

An Adventure Through the Waters...

High up in the majestic páramo, the frailejones live as the guardians of water and life. According to an ancient legend, the birth of life on our planet was the result of a drop of pure water from the deepest reaches of the universe.

FormatAnimated Fiction Series
Duration11 episodes x 7 minutes
TechniqueMixed 2D Animation
Series Trailer

Frailejón Ernesto Pérez

Season 1, The Legend of the Purest Drop. Frailejón has become an environmental icon in Colombia, and we are proud and happy to have it in our hearts. Many thanks.

Chapter 1, Season 1

Trapped in the Mist

Mr. Pérez, an elderly Frailejón, tells the legend of the purest drop to the group of Frailejones: in which a drop fell to Earth from the depths of the universe, giving life to everything. The powerful Sué, to preserve its existence, hid the drop in the depths of the sea, and its secret location was entrusted to a group of beings who brought the planet to life by generating water and who lived in the midst of the fog: the frailejones. To reach this purest drop, he left them the sacred staff, which contains magical powers and will one day guide the destiny of a brave Frailejón who will save the world: Ernesto Pérez, a young Frailejón who, accompanied by Mochi, a melipona bee from the páramo, will venture through the mist in search of the purest drop.

Thank You

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all Colombians for their unwavering support of the Frailejón project. Thanks to your enthusiasm and backing, we have been able to move forward with this initiative that aims to preserve and value the importance of these wonderful beings in our nature. From the high mountains to the vast plains, every corner of this beautiful country has contributed invaluable to our project. Your words of encouragement, active participation, and love for biodiversity have been essential in propelling and motivating us on this journey.

Together, we are working to protect the frailejones, those guardians of water and life in the páramos. Your support drives us to keep moving forward, overcoming obstacles, and promoting environmental awareness with every step we take.

We thank all the communities, organizations, institutions, and individual people who have believed in our project and have offered their support. Without your collaboration, none of this would be posible.

!Hola! hola

Queremos agradecer a todo Colombia

Colombia, gracias por ser parte de esta gran aventura. Sigamos unidos en la misión de preservar nuestra naturaleza y legado para las futuras generaciones. ¡Frailejón cuenta con ustedes!

Hola mi nombre es Frailejón...

Canción Frailejoncito

Mi nombre es frailejón Ernesto Perez
Te quiero saludar
No me conoces
Pero yo a ti si si
Yo soy tu amigo.

Tu amigo frailejón Ernesto Perez
Te quiero saludar.
Soy una planta.
Sin mucho color
Cuidar el agua
es mi profesión.